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62nd Annual

Oldtimers Banquet

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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A Day at the Races
 5th Annual OldTimers' Cup

Saturday, August 2, 2014



You've arrived at the site of the "old" northwest basketball junkies!


Who are the "Old Timers"?

A unique group of coaches, players, officials, media and just dedicated basketball enthusiasts from the youth level to the professional ranks that meet once a year for a dinner to reminiscence about the good old days, critique the state of the game today, and just have a good time among cronies. Old Basketball

The original group of Old Timers was made up of ten men who had played basketball together or against each other in high school, college or in amateur leagues in the Seattle area and wanted to get together on a regular basis and to reminisce about old times.

One of the ten, Joe Boothby, owned the Epicure restaurant in Seattle and it was decided that the group would hold their initial meeting there, which they did in 1952 and for many years thereafter. It was agreed that they would meet annually and would have no formal agenda and no goals other than to have a good time and to get home in one piece.

The founding members were Bob Graf, Steve Antoncich, Tom Werner, Hans Forster, Joe Boothby, Bill Murphy, Rocky Moore, Jack Wyatte, Tim McCullough and George Fredericks. Membership grew over the years to include other than just basketball players. Eventually, just about anyone involved in sports was included in the group, including coaches, officials, sportswriters, trainers and just plain sports fans became members.

Officers include a president, vice (incoming)-president, secretary and treasurer. All past presidents make up the board of directors that meet to plan annual events and discuss pertinent subjects. A membership committee screens prospective new members recommendations. Current active membership is over 200.


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