Photo's from the '70's

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Old photos are needed for the 1970's photo gallery! 

Please look through your files and scrapbooks for any photos that we might use in this photo gallery. If possible please have them scanned. If not, we can do it. Please send or email them to Jim Coshow. All items will be returned if you wish.

14 photo(s) Updated on: 23 Sep 2014
  • Steve Hawes drives to the basket against Oregon State.
  • Steve Hawes shows his hook-shooting form.
  • George Irvine & Coach Tex Winter
  • George Irvine with Pacer's
  • Marv Harshman mocks the Oregon Kamikazi Kids.
  • George Irvine
  • 1972 Seattle U: Farr, West, Williams, Clark, Jones, Davis
  • 1978 Coach Walt Milroy, West Seattle
  • Coach Harshman demonstrates
  • Ray Price Drives against Oregon
  • Steve Hawes with Atlanta
  • Steve Hawes
  • Steve Hawes
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