60th Annual Basketball OldTimers Dinner

May 9, 2012

22 photo(s) Updated on: 21 May 2012
  • Frank Bosone's final fling as president.
  • Jim Coshow tries to eat the microphone.
  • Roman Miller auctioning his beloved Seattle U ball cap.
  • Steve Kelley reminds us how much he cares for Paul Westphal.
  • Two great hookers; Tony Vlastelica and Bob Houbregs
  • Ralph Vanni, Bob Houbregs and Walt Milroy
  • Walt Milroy in deep thought (when will he stop talking?)
  • Gary Rice, Ernie Woods, John Defranco, Jasen Thomas, Robert Nellams and (in front) Gary McGlocklin; all looking very mischievious!
  • Colin Nisbet, Steve Roake and Doug Campbell are having way too much fun!
  • Ron Crowe to Dave Torrell:
  • Steve Kelly interviews Rod Belcher.
  • Bill Stady looking absolutely thrilled as he gets the cherished Old Timers cup from Roman Miller.
  • Walt Bone listens well, don't you think?
  • Jesse Perry and Vince Hayes enjoying the evening.
  • John DeFranco wonders where's the silverware?
  • Roy Fisher, Phil Zevenbergen, Mike Haywood, Christian Welp, Don Huston, Denny Huston, Eldridge Recasner (back), JD Taylor (Back)
  • New member Roger Ottmar recieves his Old Timers' cup from Roman Miller.
  • Dave Wortman and Dick Smith listen in disbelief.
  • A gathering of young lions: L to R; Phil Zevenbergen, Chris Welp, Eldridge Recasner (back to camera), Roy Fisher, Mike Hayward.
  • Tony Fore and Larry Quesnell discuss old strategies.
  • Mike Hayward and Chris Welp look for an Old Timer they have ever heard of.
  • New Member Les Whittles receives OldTimer's Cup from Roman Miller.
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