62nd Annual Basketball OldTimers Dinner

May 7, 2014

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  • Executive Secretary, Jim Coshow, opens 62nd Basketball Old-Timers Banquet thinking, "How did I end up with this job!"
  • Basketball Old-Timers' President Al Rossi welcomes everyone. His 15 minutes of fame are almost over.
  • Don Amundson listens to incoming President Ernie Dunston. Ernie can't believe it's a non-paying position.
  • President Al Rossi consoling past president Dee Hawkes. Dee thought he would be remembered.
  • Past Basketball Old-Timers of the Year Award winners Walt Milroy and Roman Miller. "Who let that young guy in here!"
  • Al Rossi welcoming long time board member "Boody" Gilbertson. Boody is thinking, "Al, I thought you were much taller!"
  • Bing Dahl 2014 recipient of the Basketball Old-Timer of the year award. He's thinking, "Why did it take this long?"
  • Looks like Bing Dahl lost his train of thought when accepting his Old Timer of The Year award.
  • Guest speaker Eldridge Recasner. He's so glad he's a Husky and not a Cougar.
  • Eldridge Recasner reminiscing about his NBA playing career and the state of race relations in our country.
  • Long time Basketball OldTimer, Les Habegger, has a few words to say about his induction into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.
  • Hall of Famer Les Habegger in person.
  • Dave Torrell, UW Hall of Fame curator, honoring Bob Houbregs.
  • New members receiving their cups: Chris Varley, Tom Kelly, Brad Jackson, Ron Bollinger, Scott Burns, and Ray Washburn. If only they had some eligibility left!
  • Dave Cox tells the punch line while Frank Bosone picks his pocket.
  • Trio of Basketball OldTimers John O'Brien, Ernie Woods and Bob Houbregs. Guess which one wasn't an All-American?
  • Dave Eskenazi explaining to Dave Torrell how to make a lot of money selling old game photos.
  • Les Habegger explaining the three-seconds-in-the-key rule.
  • Les Whittles and Bill Kirk listen as Jim Van Beek demonstrates his free-throw technique.
  • Whatever Les Habegger is selling, Bob Aubert, Dale Parker and friend aren't buying.
  • Walt Milroy and Ron Olsen. I think they both have lost their train of thought.
  • Tom Kelly, Loren Hostek and Don Koplitz
  • Dave Speer consoles Craig Smith about losing out once again for the Pulitzer Prize in journalism.
  • Tim Cousins totally impressed with what Jim Harney has to say.
  • Christian Welp tells retired AP sportswriter Jim Cour, "For the last time, my name is pronounced "Velp"!
  • Les Habegger, Keith Swagerty and Brad Jackson.
  • Dave Harshman hoping to sell some baseball cards to Eldridge Recasner.
  • Old Huskies Roland Halle, Doyle Perkins, and Bob Bryan.
  • Basketball OldTimers' media corps: Ron Belcher, Bud Winters, Craig Smith, Dwight Perry, Dan Raley, Jim Cour, and Tom Kelly. Not a front-runner in the bunch. They tell it like it is!
  • Bob Hougregs and Eldridge Recasner. Two of the all-time best at UW.
  • Don Lorentz just doesn't get it as Ralph Heyward delivers the punch line.
  • Frank Guisness very happy someone (Les Habegger) remembers how great he was.
  • John Rowley asking Jack DeKubber for a ride home.
  • Jack DeKubber thinking, "How did my teams lose all those games?"
  • Duane Magee wondering once again why he didn't amount to much as a coach.
  • Ralph Heyward wants to know if Mark Aucutt ate his dessert.
  • Eddie Miles and Ernie Woods. This is about as close to greatness as Ernie will get.
  • Donald Watts still can't believe Wally Szczerbiak lit him up for 43.
  • Whatever Dick Crews is selling, Gary Snyder ain't buying.
  • Don Huston hoping he will be able to find his car in the parking lot.
  • Dave Harshman explaining the box-and-one defense to Brad Jackson.
  • Tom Workman and Jim Marsh. Jim thinking, "What kinda question is that!"
  • Keith Swagerty and Tom Kelly with their second helpings (or was it thirds?).
  • Scott Burns, Jim Stephens and Jerry Harkleroad lamenting their lousy NCAA bracket picks.
  • Bob Bryan and designated driver son Ted.
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