63rd Annual Basketball OldTimers Dinner

May 6, 2015

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  • President Ernie Dunston presiding over festivities.
  • Vice President-elect Steve Hawes getting texting instructions from Dan Raley.
  • Art Thiel introducing "Long time" Seattle Times sports writer Jerry Brewer.
  • Washington Post-bound Jerry Brewer giving his adieu to Seattle.
  • Jim Coshow reluctantly handing over the mike to Paul Madison.
  • "OldTimer of the Year" Chuck Randall and former players.
  • Recipient Chuck Randall holding up plaque.
  • Chuck Randall with former players Mike Kirk, Jim Adams, Bob Thompson, Denny Huston and Don Huston
  • Bob Petrosik showing Jerry Harkleroad the proper slam dunk technique.
  • Don Huston with Boody Gilbertson.
  • John Tuft and Jack DeKubber with Boody Gilbertson.
  • Jim Miller, ? , Marvin Williams
  • Al Rossi and Jerry Johnson with Boody Gilbertson. Craig Smith holds press conference in background.
  • Boody Gilbertsen brings up a point of order with Jim Coshow
  • Guest Jim Zintner disappointed there is no double-tall strawberry parfait latte on the dessert menu.
  • Dale Parker and Don Ginsberg with Boody.
  • John Tuft and Steve Roake dig in! Steve wants to be sure he has low-sodium butter in hand (John couldn't care less).
  • Boody Gilbertson and Dick Smith
  • Kirk Brown and Boody Gilbertson.
  • Al Rossi ignoring Dave Terrell's punch line.
  • Bob Morris and Keith Swagerty thinking: "Who are these guys? Never heard of them before."
  • Bob Thomas, Gary Burch, Jim Adams. Background: Ray Stein, Ray Washburn, Ernie Dunston, Gary Wortman. Steve Hawes.
  • Whatever Roman Miller is selling, Ray Stein ain't buying.
  • Past President Dee Hawkes hoping Craig Smith won't spill beer on his lap.
  • Dwight Perry thinking: Where did I park my car?
  • Gary Seefried with long-time Ballard HS basketball coach Norm Goldstein.
  • Gary Snyder finally remembers where he parked his car.
  • Marvin Williams - Loren Hostek
  • Mike M and Don Hagen
  • Roman Miller not buying in on Tim Daly's thoughts about east coast basketball.
  • Mike Lindblom, Vester "Clint" Marshall and Ernie Woods talking hoops.
  • Ex-Huskies Karl Voegtlin and Doyle Perkins talking about what might have been.
  • Kirk Brown and Dick Stark. Fred Andrew in background.
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