64th Annual NW Basketball Legends Banquet

May 14, 2016

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  • Dan Raley emcees award presentations as Walt Milroy, Ernie Dunston and Eddie Miles listen.
  • Dick Crews 2016 Northwest Basketball Legend of the Year.
  • Legends honor a legend
  • Steve Hawes presents the Lifetime Achievement award to Ed Pepple.
  • Ed Pepple and his former players
  • President Bill Hogan presenting the Acknowledgement of Excellence award to George Irvine.
  • Bill Hogan and George Irvine
  • President Bill Hogan presenting Acknowledgement of Excellence award to Ben Snowden.
  • Tom Workman receiving Northwest Basketball Legends Acknowledgement of Excellence award.
  • Vester Marshall and Eddie Miles receiving their Northwest Basketball Legends mugs from Roman Miller.
  • Vester Marshall showing Eldridge Recasner his Northwest Basketball Legends mug.
  • Ron Bollinger and former coach Ernie Woods
  • Dick Crews
  • Ernie Woods' along with body guards Petur Gudmundsson and Kenny Lyles
  • Al Rossi and Dave Torrell discussing fine wines.
  • Ron Bollinger along with former coaches Ernie Woods and Bob Morris
  • Bob Aubert receiving sound advice from Don Huston.
  • David Wilson receiving baseball advice from Dale Parker.
  • George Irvine listening to Bill Hogan's opening remarks and thinking: "Did I really do all that?"
  • Double trouble Huskies, Jerry Johnson and Frank Guisness.
  • Old friends Jim Miller and Paul Hallgrimson.
  • Art Thiel eavesdropping on Dick Crews and Ernie Woods.
  • John and Chuck Tuft along with Jack DeKubber.
  • Awesome foursome: Levi Fisher, Gary Seefried, Bud Norris and Tom Workman.
  • Ernie Woods and Levi Fisher.
  • Mike Willis finds Gus Kravas' joke amusing.
  • Ron Olsen isn't buying Steve Roakes' winning "Hail Mary" pass story against UCLA.
  • Jerry Harkleroad amazed by Ray Washburn's basketball/baseball career.
  • Ernie Woods, former player Chris Brown and Slick Watts.
  • Double trouble: Slick Watts and Eldridge Recasner.
  • Stafford Mays, Kenny Lyles, Don Vaughn, Doug Martin and Shag Williams.
  • Tim Abhold giving shooting pointers to Bruce Case.
  • Tim Butler trying to make a point to hard of hearing Dave Cox.
  • ?, Slick Watts and Tom Keeney.
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