Photo's from the 1950's

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  • Frank Guisness looking to shoot (he did that a lot)
  • UW #25 Bob Houbregs. The best all-around player of his era.
  • UW #45 Doug Smart. Great rebounder and low-post scorer.
  • UW #11 Frank Guisness showing Bob Houbregs how it is done. Frank never saw a shot he didn't like.
  • 1958 Coach Les Habegger and SPC Falcon players
  • John Kootenkoff, 1957 Seattle University
  • 1955 Jack Hoskins, Seattle University
  • 1956 Don Piasecki and Don Ogorek, Seattle University
  • Playing below the rim.
  • L to R: Old Huskies Jim Coshow, Frank Guisness, Jerry Johnson, Bob Houbregs.
  • L to R: 1956 Huskies Ron Olsen, Jim Coshow, Bruno Boin, John Tuft, Doyle Perkins.
  • Eddie and John O'Brien Now
  • Jim Coshow in deep thought
  • Marv's Mighty Mites: Rask, August, Miles, Kennedy
  • 1953 Final Four game won by Kansas.
  • UW '53 Final Four Team
  • 1955 Huskies: Karl Voegtlin drives against Idaho
  • Doyle Perkins lets it fly against Idaho 1956.
  • 1956 Huskies: Bruno Boin at the line (he made it).
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