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  • Dave Wortman: La Chorale a L'Heure Americaine. Une technique irreproachable, servie par une adresse et un placement defensive remarquable.
  • John Tresvant; this guy could REALLY rebound.
  • Tom Workman; SU Hall of Fame inductee.
  • 1964 SPU L-R Moffit, Crow, Carnivalli, Heppner, DeKoning, Petticord, Fein, Habegger, Rumpe.
  • 1962 Les Habegger, Seattle Pacific College
  • Coach Winter, with 1968 Husky returners Jay Bond, George Irvine, Dave West and Rafael Stone
  • George Irvine and Coach Winter
  • Al Thomson gets hammered by Oregon, Woods and August look on - 1961
  • Charlie Sells, Bill McKenzie, and Neil Dirom dominate the boards at Idaho. 1961
  • 1961-62 Washington State Cougars
  • Coach Marv Harshman 1961
  • Terry Ball scores against Seattle University
  • 1962 WSU Starters
  • Ernie Woods on break away against Idaho. Doyle Wilson looks on.
  • 1960-61 Washington State Cougars
  • "And One" - Ernie Woods getting fouled against Montana State as Neil Dirom establishes rebound position
  • Larry Carlson pulls up against the Huskies.
  • Ernie Woods making a drop pass to trailer for easy lay-up.
  • Ernie Woods about to blow an easy one.... :=(
  • Charlie Sells drives for two against Fresno State as Ernie Woods looks on.
  • 1959-60 Washington State Cougars
  • 1960 SPU Back LR: Rochelle, Knapland, Shellenburg, Hathaway, Snell, Mogg, Parker
  • Dave Wortman, 1960 SPU
  • Dave Wortman, SPU, displays shooting form.
  • George Irvine with Virginia Squires
  • George Irvine scores in ABA game
  • 1960 West Seattle High School
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