5th Annual OldTimers Race Photo's


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22 photo(s) Updated on: 13 Aug 2014
  • 6ft.-6in. 225lb. guys need not apply for this job.
  • I don't think Rossi understands what it all means...
  • Let me see... did I bet the trifecta or the daily double? It's so hard to remember these things...
  • No, this wasn't a second helping!
  • Chuck Tuft and Jim Coshow
  • John Tuft with his better half wife Nancy.
  • Famous sportscaster and U of O alum Bruce King.
  • Diane Woods is totally flummoxed by the racing form.
  • Wayne Carlson napping while Ron Crowe disputes a point.
  • Bob Kloppenburg is ready to dig in while wife Gayle gets ready to bet.
  • Keith Swagerty shows frustration trying to explain the racing form to Carlson and Crowe who just don't get it.
  • Doug Campbell thinking; "there has to be a winner in here somewhere!"
  • Okay, what do we do now? I need a nap.
  • All this studying is giving me a headache!
  • Wayne Carlson and Doug Campbell in the paddock.
  • A great starting five and first-off-the-bench.
  • Bob and Gayle Kloppenburg.
  • My horse is the one on the far left. :-(
  • Keith's horse was a winner this time.
  • Warming up.
  • Keith Swagerty with his horse in the Winners Circle
  • Swag's horse at the wire.
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