61st Annual Basketball OldTimers Dinner

May 8, 2013

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  • Irv Leifer receives OldTimer of the Year Award from Ron Crockett.
  • Vermillion, Carlson, Amundson
  • Tony Fore
  • Tom Whalen
  • Tim Abhold, Larry Quesnell
  • David Speer and Tim Daly
  • Ron Crowe
  • Roger Ottmar
  • New Member George Peck
  • Listening intently: Laurence Mosler, Jerry Johnson and Karl Voegtlin.
  • Lincoln Lynx Dick Smith
  • Larry Quesnell and Bud Norris
  • Karl Voegtlin
  • Jim VanBeek
  • David Harshman and Jim Cour
  • George Grant
  • Fred Shull and Dave Quall
  • Duane Magee
  • Don Ginsberg being accused of something serious.
  • Dick Stark
  • Al Courter
  • Chuck Randall
  • Bruce Bailey
  • Bill Stady says: "You wanna step outside?"
  • Bill Kirk and Tim Cousins
  • At long last, a Steve Looney sighting!
  • 61st Annual Basketball OldTimers Banquet May 8, 2013
  • Dick Baird greets oldtimer Joe Erak
  • Board Members Walt Milroy, Ernie Woods & Bob Jorgensen
  • Rod Belcher gives annual treasury report as secretary, Jim Coshow, listens intently.
  • President Dee Hawkes explains the game of basketball.
  • President Dee Hawkes talks to David Stern in regard to the Sacramento Kings moving to Seattle.
  • Ron Crockett presents the annual OldTimer of the Year award to Irv Leifer
  • Membership Committeeman, Roman Miller, presents an OldTimers' Mug to new member Gary Seefried
  • Guest speaker, Seattle Times Sports writer, Bud Winters.
  • Eldridge Recasner says: "No more Cougar napkins please!"
  • Doug Campbell and Choo Nisbit holding down the check-in desk.
  • Tim Cummings and Marv Williams
  • Dave Eskenazi, Dave Torrell and Craig Smith
  • Norm Goldstein and George Irvine
  • Dave Harshman and Barb Lampthier.
  • Tom Newell and Al Rossi with Dwayne McGee looking on
  • Seattle University's Eddie O'Brien, Bill Lagreid and Bob Yunker
  • Ed Pepple and John Tuft enjoying a laugh together.
  • Doyle Perkins greets former Teddie coach Ben Snowden.
  • Bob Jones shows Al Rossi and Carl Jones how to text.
  • Ralph Vanni and Gary Snyder
  • Jeff and Steve Hawes listen intently.
  • Steve Wilson and Tom Keeney
  • Charlie Cobb, Don Amundson, Tim Cousins and Dick Smith
  • OldTimers Jim Cour, Ernie Woods, Tim Daly, Fred Andrew, etc. taking a quick break in the festivities.
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